So the government has left it in our hands to handle how we meet together. It’s gonna be great that we are going to be together face to face and also sing together.


However, as a leadership team we feel we want to start with a cautious approach due to high level of Covid cases in our area and a high number of disruptions to work and businesses due to people having to isolate and also some of us are still waiting to get vaccinated or receive their 2nd vaccination.


So here is how we will start off on Sunday.  We will continue to review this over the weeks ahead. I hope you can understand that this has taken a lot of thought, prayer and processing by the leadership team because we care about everyone im Grace church. While we might have personal opinions about Covid and restrictions etc. We want to encourage us all to think about everyone in our church community and be prepared to help, support and love one another through this time.


1. Please bring a mask with you and wear one as you come in and as you move around. You have the option to remove this when seated for coffee.


2. There will be a track and trace sheet to put down your name and phone number. If you come to Grace for the first time, this will also help us to contact you if there is any covid cases reported. The welcome team will give you a warm welcome but  no hugs and kisses for now. 


3. Coffee area: Big space for us to sit where we want. Just communicate to people if you want to social distance. Masks can be taken off while seated or feel free to wear one for the whole time. 


4. Our main room is big enough to spread out and feel free to tell people that you'd like to have  social distance (communication with each is important). You could put a jacket or something on the seats next to you. Please don’t take offence if people say this.


5. During worship: please wear a mask while singing. 


6. Kids work will happen during our time and we’ll share more on the morning.

7. Youth won't be meeting until September


8. We will run zoom for those who want to stay at home. We can’t guarantee wifi is good enough for this to run. If we find it’s not working then we can record the meeting and post later on YouTube. See our online page.

9. If you’re worried about spreading Covid then you could always get a free latera flow test before a Sunday meeting to put your mind at rest. If you have any of the symptoms Covid, then please don’t turn up to the meeting and get a test.


10. Our august meetings will be different and shorter. We will Mainly focus on worship together, sharing news and community. 





We believe that the church is a family, not a brick building or an institution. We are a people who have discovered a relationship with God. This is found, not by obeying rules or being religious, but through trusting in the kindness, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us to 'Make Christ known to neighbours and nations' and we are committed to providing a church community for people to belong, believe and change. We are also part of the Christ Central family of churches, part of newfrontiers and belonging to over 1000 churches worldwide 


All our current meetings, small groups and church activities are now online using the zoom platform. 

Please watch the following link to follow the governments guidelines for churches at this time.