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We love preaching at Grace Church and we believe it shapes lives and churches to make a difference with the gospel. In other words, we desire to see word in action! Our preaches are online for those who might have missed it on a Sunday, or who might want to find out what we are like, as they seek to find a church. Our preaches are not online to lead people away from being part of a local church. We would encourage you to find a church and work out the Bible from within the community and leadership of that church.

We are currently working on updating preaches from Sunday meetings. However, you can watch/listen to past preaches below.

RECENT preaches

Gift of prophecy prt 1Allen Rossi
00:00 / 46:21
Gifts rooted in loveRob Horn
00:00 / 39:18
Acts 1 the nationsAllen Rossi
00:00 / 42:00
Act 1 SamariaRob Horn
00:00 / 51:24
Acts 1 JudeaAllen & Jon Cook
00:00 / 39:00
Identity 3: People of faithTim Ponns
00:00 / 26:47
Gift of prophecy prt 2Allen Rossi
00:00 / 44:30
Learning from Peter the apostleJonny Hudson
00:00 / 28:19
Easter Death to lifeJo Horn
00:00 / 46:24
Jesus and nicodemusTim Ponns
00:00 / 27:21
Everyday evangelismEd Graham-Hyde
00:00 / 46:30
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